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workshop Sep 27, 2019

Someone just asked me…


“hi Tammy. saw your workshop! looks awesome but I don’t really wanna flip. im just starting out haha. want to wholesale. is this right for me?”


My reply was a big YES!

This event is for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Wholesalers - You'll pick up better deals when you know how a rehabber analyzes a deal and estimates repairs.

Rehabbers- Learn what to ask licensed General Contractor (GC)s that could save you thousands of dollars on each project.

Buy & Hold Landlords - Even if you buy turnkey properties, you need to know how to judge the condition of your units. Learn when to repair, when to replace and what it really costs.

Lenders - If you're got capital that you need to put to work, this is where you'll learn what type of deals are out there, what to look for in the costs, and you'll get to meet local players to do business with.

Realtors - All these investors gotta buy and sell these houses somehow! Whether you...

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ICYMI - Announcing Our 2 Day Workshop

workshop Sep 27, 2019

Just in case you missed our event on Wednesday or my email yesterday, I’ve got an announcement to make…

If you're tired and fed up of watching other people getting deals and flaunting their success in real estate while you're stuck in the same spot, then we've got the solution to help get you UNSTUCK.

And it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

In fact, it doesn't have to cost you anything.

This is Tammy AKA "The Lady Boss of Real Estate" here, and I have an invitation for you.

On October 26-27th we're hosting a FREE 2-day workshop to help you get educated, get moving, and get some deals done.

This is going to be FULL IMMERSION! We're going to teach YOU how to find and analyze deals, estimate rehab costs, find a contractor, and get big checks.

All the info at the page below.

The Lady Boss of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA

P.S. Although the event is free, we’re expecting it to fill out and we can’t guarantee seating for the...

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Shark Tank Wrap Up! ….and a Surprise ;)

workshop Sep 27, 2019

Shark Tank Wrap Up! ….and a Surprise ;)

Hey hey!

Tammy here, and I just had the most AWESOME time last night hanging out with you guys for shark tank!

How cool was that? We had some great pitches and a lot of energy.

You got to see a wholesale deal that could actually have some other different exits. Hopefully you took away how important due diligence is, especially when it comes to condos.

And then we saw a totally different type of seller with the return of the Mack, a type of seller you WILL run across, who was selling with an emotional and sentimental reason. Not everyone is looking to maximize profits!

I was definitely feelin’ his energy and hope someone jumps on that opportunity.

Also last night I gave a big lesson on the dangers of rushing into partnerships which I hope you picked up on…

Anywhoo, it was a blast. I’ve already been receiving lots of great feedback and we’ll definitely try to do more deal pitching in the future. If you have any...

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