Why you’re afraid to pitch your deal

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

By now I assume you’ve heard all about us hosting the CC REIA Shark Tank tomorrow.

...and if you haven’t:


  • PITCH your deal in front of a panel of Local Shark Investors
  • Enjoy MASSIVE FREE EXPOSURE to our entire live audience
  • Get a rare GUARANTEED funding opportunity
  • TEST your might when it comes to deal analysis and raising capital
  • BUILD a network of lenders and JV partners instantly

But I heard from a few you that you were interested but a little nervous to pitch your deal, and that’s understandable.

Especially if you’ve never done it before.

You’re afraid that you’ll embarrass yourself in front of lenders.

You’re afraid that you’ll make a mistake or not have the answer to the question.

You’re afraid that you’ll be rejected because they don’t like the deal, or worse, they won’t like you!

And I want you to know I’ve BEEN THERE! I had all the same fears! It’s totally...

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Who’s the Playmaker on your Power Team?

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

The three BIG questions I get asked all the time are…

“Tammy, how do I find a deal?”

“Tammy, how do I get funding?”

“Tammy, how do I build my power team?”

Now, oddly enough, questions 2 and 3 are pretty related…

Because whomever you’re getting funding from… is a part of your Power Team!

When you find someone who’s willing to trust you enough to lend you money for a real estate deal… don’t you think you’re likely to do business together again?

Assuming it all goes well, of course.

Of course you will. Lenders want to lend! They want to put their money to work and get a return. If you can do that for them, they’ll be happy to keep working with you.

They’ll become an integral part of your team.

Having a relationship with a lender is like having a Playmaker on your Power Team!

As long as you can get open (get deals) and score (follow through), they’ll keep passing you the ball.


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Now you can be a fly on the wall of a REAL life real estate negotiation

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

This is the type of stuff people pay thousands of dollars to learn at seminars, but we want to offer it our CC REIA tribe for free.

Real estate is intimidating! It’s expensive, and there’s contracts and icky legal stuff you don’t want to think about. Believe me I get it!

But it’s also pretty EXCITING too! Not just the money you can make, what it can do for your life and your family, etc..

But, there are parts of the business itself that are super fun and dramatic. Even downright sexy.

For me, that includes Negotiation!

Negotiating is a life-long skill you can use in all areas of your life. Real estate, business, shopping, relationships, and even parenting!

Everything is a negotiation! If you don’t have that perspective you’re already at a disadvantage.

We want to offer you the chance to be a fly on the fall for some REAL life local real estate negotiations…

THIS Wednesday at our CC REIA Shark Tank!

We’re going to have a panel of...

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🎶I would do anything for FUNDS, but I won’t do that 🎶

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

I gotta get something off my chest.

I’ve been coaching students on how to become financially free and accomplish their goals through real estate for a long time. I’ve been investing myself much longer.

And I hear a lot of talk.

People talk all the time, talking about how they’re gonna do this, do that. To get deals. To get capital. To build their team.

And then the opportunity presents itself. It’s right in front of them. But they won’t take it.

Some people are all talk. HARSH? Yeah, but it’s the truth.

For example, I had a prospective student tell me all about how they had a great lead flow to find deals, but they couldn’t put em under contract because they didn’t have the capital.

They wanted me to accept them as a student and show them how. And I was considering it…

Another investor (this was at a REIA meeting yeeears ago), overheard our conversation, and butted in.

“Excuse me, but I know an older businessman who has...

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And For That Reason...

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

“And for that reason, I’m out”

If you’ve watched the TV show Shark Tank, you’ve probably heard this famous line before, sometimes said by several of the “Sharks” on the show, when an entrepreneur has just said something to kill a deal for them.

For example, Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban, one of the sharks on the show, once became exasperated at two entrepreneurs for exaggerating claims for their product, not showing they were fully committed, and being inconsistent with the facts they were presenting.

He filled up with hot air, and let out a big “I’M OUT”.

Great TV, and an even better lesson.

When you’re up pitching something, including a real estate deal, you better play it straight.

  • Be transparent and conservative with your numbers, lest you get called out for rosy projections.
  • Show you are 100% committed to managing the deal, that you have real skin in the game, and you’re a serious...
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Why Think & Grow Rich Is A Big Fat Lie

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

Have you read the famous personal development book Think & Grow Rich? You’ve definitely at least heard of it.

It’s a great book, and a classic for a reason. There’s some brilliant nuggets of wisdom inside, and most entrepreneurs end up reading it eventually.

But, part of me really hates it. Especially the title.

Think & Grow Rich is a big fat lie.

Because you have to do a lot more than think. THINKING alone doesn’t accomplish anything


Now that’s not to say thinking isn’t important. Thinking is some of the most high value work you’ll ever do in your business. But by itself it’s as useless as house with no doors.

Or a deal with no capital. :(


Especially consistent focused action?

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I one hundred percent believe that. I have to.

When I was in an accident years back, the doctors said I’d be paralyzed. I wasn’t supposed to walk...

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Take a swim in the CC REIA Shark Tank 🦈

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

We just announced...


It’s going to be next Wednesday, September 25th.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Come and prove it.

Take a swim with the sharks.

No matter what happens, you’ll come out stronger.

And maybe come out with the capital you’ve been looking for ;)

This is going to be a very special edition of our monthly main event, where you can...

  • PITCH your deal in front of a panel of Local Shark Investors
  • Enjoy MASSIVE FREE EXPOSURE to our entire live audience
  • Get a rare GUARANTEED funding opportunity
  • TEST your might when it comes to deal analysis and raising capital
  • BUILD a network of lenders and JV partners instantly

All the details below, closer.

>>>RSVP NOW <<<

If you’ve got a deal, just REPLY to this email to submit and get a GUARANTEED opportunity at deal funding.

Show me what ya got in the Shark Tank!

>>> Register To Be On CC REIA Shark Tank <<<

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Tuesdays With Tammy Replay + BIG Announcement

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2019

Hey in case you missed it, we had an awesome time on Tuesday night talking all things funding! I got up on my soapbox and got a little emotional, but that’s what happens when you’re passionate about what you do!

But you don’t have to take my word my for it, here’s what Rhonica in the chat had to say...

Rhonica: you speaking the truth
Rhonica: i love it !!!! speak it Tammy
Rhonica: i have to have your contact info Tammy

and Harold…

Harold: thanks tammy im new here but you definitely got me sold

and a whole bunch more excited folks…

Victoria: Hell yeah!
frank s: hell yeah on the FICO seminar
Sheveir: Hell yeah
Annette: Hell yeah!
Vina: Yes, please!!!
Birgit: Hell yes
Rox: Hell yeah!
Carlton: hell yea
Ani: Hell Yea! ;)
Ken: HELL.TO YES!!!!

We covered some amazing topics like

  • Why the credit score you have is probably a big fat lie, and how to get your true FICO credit score
  • How I went from thinking “hard money” was “hard to...
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What would you do if you had access to all the money you need to complete any real estate deal?

tuesdays with tammy Sep 16, 2019

It’s a very simple question, but you may still want to think on it for a minute...

"What would you do if you had access to all the money you need to complete any real estate deal?"


Ya done thinking?

Ok, I’ll tell you the answer.

What you would do if you had access to all the money you needed to complete any real estate deal is...



Sometimes it IS that simple.

Doing deals takes money. If you had access to as much money as you wanted, you’d obviously do more deals, and make even more money!

I already know what you’re gonna say.

“Buuuut Tammmyyy, I DON’T have as much money as I want.”

You sure about that??

Because I’ll tell you what, once you open your eyes a bit, you’ll see that you DO have access to all the money you’ll ever need. And it’s not as hard to get as you imagine.

The money is all around you, and that’s some new age woo-woo stuff. It really is everywhere you...

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A little known superpower raising private capital gives you

tuesdays with tammy Sep 16, 2019

OK, got another great tip for you all before our live hangout tonight. I’m gonna show you a superpower you can get when you learn how to raise money from private investors. The superpower is...

Super Speed.

Picture this.

You’re at a networking event, maybe even say, a CC REIA meeting…

And you’re speed networking your butt off (you better be!), and you meet this woman, let’s call her Susan. Susan has got a GREAT potential fix-n-flip deal in hand, but she ain’t got the money!

She says wants to wholesale it and assign it to you. How about that?

You get the numbers, and they pass your criteria. In fact, not only do the numbers pass...

This deal’s a BANGER! Potential six figure payday!

Ohhh boy, you’re salivating now, ain’t ya, rook?

You throw out a fair offer to Susan, a win for the both of you, and she seems agreeable to it.

But here’s the rub, you don’t have the cash either!

So you start stalling the conversation, and...

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