You Don’t Need A Freakin’ LLC To Get Started

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2019

This comes direct from a coaching call I had with some students a while ago.

And it’s a common question I hear all the time.

A new student was asking about getting the right business entity structure and making sure he had all the right contracts for deals and everything was squared away. He was asking me how to make his LLC.

But the problem was…

He didn’t have a freaking deal yet!

You DO Not need an LLC to get started!

You need the right training, education, and mindset. Then you need to start MARKETING to find a deal.

Once you have an actual deal to work with, THEN go get your business entity set up.

It’s great to think about this stuff, and having the right entity structure and paperwork is very important… but don’t put the cart before the horse.

If you’re just getting started, focus on the actions that’ll move the needle for you. Don’t dot your I’s and cross your T’s before you know what sentence you’re writing.

If you need help getting started, I highly recommend you look into our upcoming workshop. Hit the link below.

The Lady Boss of Real Estate,


Capital City REIA

P.S. Thank You SO MUCH for all who got back to me with the question I asked yesterday. I will be going through and responding to each of you individually, I’ve just been super busy!

And if you didn’t reply, the question was:

“What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in real estate right now?”

And I’d love to get a reply from you :)


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