Winning Plays From Coach Tammy's Playbook

tuesdays with tammy Sep 11, 2019


I managed to catch a bit of football this past weekend as the season kicked off. While watching, I made an interesting observation...

Although the game gradually evolves and there's more technology than ever (tablets on the sidelines anyone?), the basic tactics have been the same for decades.

Run to set up a play action pass. Work the sidelines to stop the clock. Protect the ball when you have a big lead. 

Fundamentals don't change.

And it's the same as a real estate investor. If you have strong fundamentals, a winning playbook and you have a talented team then you can win each game and not be a “wannabe”  bench warmer. 

One of those fundamentals is creative funding plays - not a flea flicker play but a in-the-locker room play that scores super bowl victories! 

There's a lot of plays in that playbook…

So on Tuesday, September 17th I'll be giving away my bread and butter plays that I've used personally and with my students to fund deals - deal after deal after deal.

Tune in for our upcoming Tuesdays With Tammy online hangout.

It's called…

Deal Funding Strategies: #1 Winning Money Play For YOUR Game Playbook!

And you can register for it through the link below.

The Lady Boss Of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA


P.S. Coach Tammy normally reserves access to her playbook strategies for her Inner Circle, so this is probably your one chance to get a peek inside at no cost.


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