Why you’re afraid to pitch your deal

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

By now I assume you’ve heard all about us hosting the CC REIA Shark Tank tomorrow.

...and if you haven’t:


  • PITCH your deal in front of a panel of Local Shark Investors
  • Enjoy MASSIVE FREE EXPOSURE to our entire live audience
  • Get a rare GUARANTEED funding opportunity
  • TEST your might when it comes to deal analysis and raising capital
  • BUILD a network of lenders and JV partners instantly

But I heard from a few you that you were interested but a little nervous to pitch your deal, and that’s understandable.

Especially if you’ve never done it before.

You’re afraid that you’ll embarrass yourself in front of lenders.

You’re afraid that you’ll make a mistake or not have the answer to the question.

You’re afraid that you’ll be rejected because they don’t like the deal, or worse, they won’t like you!

And I want you to know I’ve BEEN THERE! I had all the same fears! It’s totally normal.

And that’s exactly WHY you MUST come out tomorrow and give it a go.

Because tomorrow is the training room, it’s a safe zone, it’s a bubble. I wanted to set up a safe place for you guys to get practice doing this stuff so you can go kick butt in your real estate businesses!

We’ve taken out all the risk for you, but kept all of the same upside and rewards as doing this on your own.

You can get funded tomorrow, no doubt about it! And even if you don’t, you’ll walk way with tremendous experience and know what to improve on. And I’ll be right there watching to help you the whole time.

And if you don’t have a deal to pitch for tomorrow, well you really have no excuse. Where else can you watch a real life real estate pitch like this?

This is a rare opportunity to get some ‘mental reps’ in, and imagine yourself in that situation.

Because one day, you will be.

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