Tuesdays With Tammy Replay + BIG Announcement

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2019

Hey in case you missed it, we had an awesome time on Tuesday night talking all things funding! I got up on my soapbox and got a little emotional, but that’s what happens when you’re passionate about what you do!

But you don’t have to take my word my for it, here’s what Rhonica in the chat had to say...

Rhonica: you speaking the truth
Rhonica: i love it !!!! speak it Tammy
Rhonica: i have to have your contact info Tammy

and Harold…

Harold: thanks tammy im new here but you definitely got me sold

and a whole bunch more excited folks…

Victoria: Hell yeah!
frank s: hell yeah on the FICO seminar
Sheveir: Hell yeah
Annette: Hell yeah!
Vina: Yes, please!!!
Birgit: Hell yes
Rox: Hell yeah!
Carlton: hell yea
Ani: Hell Yea! ;)
Ken: HELL.TO YES!!!!

We covered some amazing topics like

  • Why the credit score you have is probably a big fat lie, and how to get your true FICO credit score
  • How I went from thinking “hard money” was “hard to get” as a newbie, to now seeing how useful it can be
  • Ways to use real estate negotiation skills to negotiate just about anything, even cars and trucks
  • And the mysteriously obvious way I’m able to get banks to do my bidding, such as giving me an extension to make a payment at no cost ;)

And then Gina in the chat had a special request

Gina: this needs to be a replay. wow!

Well I gotchu Gina, here’s the replay link:


And whether or not you had time to watch it, I’ve got BIG announcement!

Next Wednesday, September 25th, we’re hosting a special edition of our monthly main event, and it’s called…


That’s right, we’re doing a shark tank-style deal pitch night.

If you live under a rock and you’ve never seen the show, it’s a show where entrepreneurs go up and pitch their businesses to a panel of savvy investors (“the sharks”) to get funding and grow their business!

We’re going to the same thing, except it’s going to be YOUR real estate deals, with a panel of badass LOCAL shark investors. And it’ll be live, next Wednesday the 25th!

This is not one to miss! So you can get all the details and RSVP at the link below.

>>>RSVP NOW <<<

AND if you’ve got a deal, just REPLY to this email to submit and get a GUARANTEED opportunity at deal funding. Show us what ya got in the Shark Tank!

>>>Register To Be On CC REIA Shark Tank <<<
[email protected]

The Lady Boss of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA

P.S. If you DON’T have a deal to pitch, that’s even MORE of a reason to come. You’ll get to see what it’s like to actually take a deal under contract, and pitch it to investors to get the capital you need. You know how pro athletes watch film to improve their game? This will be like that but on steroids, because it’ll be live. It’ll be truly invaluable experience, and should be super entertaining to boot


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