Shark Tank Wrap Up! ….and a Surprise ;)

workshop Sep 27, 2019

Shark Tank Wrap Up! ….and a Surprise ;)

Hey hey!

Tammy here, and I just had the most AWESOME time last night hanging out with you guys for shark tank!

How cool was that? We had some great pitches and a lot of energy.

You got to see a wholesale deal that could actually have some other different exits. Hopefully you took away how important due diligence is, especially when it comes to condos.

And then we saw a totally different type of seller with the return of the Mack, a type of seller you WILL run across, who was selling with an emotional and sentimental reason. Not everyone is looking to maximize profits!

I was definitely feelin’ his energy and hope someone jumps on that opportunity.

Also last night I gave a big lesson on the dangers of rushing into partnerships which I hope you picked up on…

Anywhoo, it was a blast. I’ve already been receiving lots of great feedback and we’ll definitely try to do more deal pitching in the future. If you have any comments or questions from last night just reply to this email :)


I’ve got a special surprise announcement that I made to the audience last night, but I know you weren’t all there! So here it is...

We’re hosting…

A FREE 2-Day REI Mastery Event - Rehab Workshop!

October 26-27 at the Crowne Plaza in Greenbelt, MD.

If you're SERIOUS about making money in real estate, here's some of what you'll learn:

➡️How to Analyze ANY Deal and Figure Out The Most You Can Pay With Nothing More Than 5th Grade Math

➡️How to Estimate Repair Costs...Even If You've Never Even Fixed A Toilet

➡️The Proper Way to Interview GCs to Make Sure Your Rehab Goes Headache-Free and Stays In Budget

➡️How to Read And Write a Scope of Work, So You Stay On Top Of Your Costs And Make A Healthy Profit

➡️3 Critical Factors to All But Guarantee Your Deal Gets Funded... Regardless Of Your Experience Level

➡️The Exact Step-by-Step Rehab Process That Savvy Investors Use To Turn Ugly Houses Into Beautiful Homes, While Getting Paid Handsomely At The Same Time

It’s been a while since we did a 2 day workshop and you guys have been clamoring for it, so mark your calendar and RSVP now!

Now, I do have one BIG DISCLAIMER I want to make:

Although this 2-Day Workshop is FREE, there's no guarantee we'll have room or seating for everyone.

In fact, we almost certainly won't. We expect to fill up the whole room like we normally do.

So...if you want to come, and you don’t want to risk not being able to get in or being forced to stand the whole day, I highly recommend you buy a CC REIA VIP Ticket.

Most importantly, you’ll guarantee admission and have priority seating.

But you’ll also get a bunch of other perks like a breakout session with yours truly, breakfast, special deal analyzing documents from my vault, and a book I’ve just put the finishes touches on.

The Early Bird ticket is just $79. And we’re limiting it to 50 tickets.

That’s for both days, and all the bonuses.

Get it at the link below:

The price goes up Oct 1st. That’s just a few days away. So book it now or you’ll be kickin’ yourself.

The Lady Boss of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA

P.S. Early Bird gets the worm. We honor our deadlines here at CC REIA, so don’t complain if you don’t buy in time and the price goes up. Jus’ sayin’


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