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workshop Sep 27, 2019

Someone just asked me…


“hi Tammy. saw your workshop! looks awesome but I don’t really wanna flip. im just starting out haha. want to wholesale. is this right for me?”


My reply was a big YES!

This event is for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Wholesalers - You'll pick up better deals when you know how a rehabber analyzes a deal and estimates repairs.

Rehabbers- Learn what to ask licensed General Contractor (GC)s that could save you thousands of dollars on each project.

Buy & Hold Landlords - Even if you buy turnkey properties, you need to know how to judge the condition of your units. Learn when to repair, when to replace and what it really costs.

Lenders - If you're got capital that you need to put to work, this is where you'll learn what type of deals are out there, what to look for in the costs, and you'll get to meet local players to do business with.

Realtors - All these investors gotta buy and sell these houses somehow! Whether you can help buyers acquire investment properties or list and sell them for their exit, this is where you can build a high value network.

Anyone in real estate will be better off if they know the skills we’re going to be teaching. And you won’t learn them any cheaper.

Free if you wanna chance not getting a seat, or just $79 for the early bird ticket. All the deets below:

The Lady Boss of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA

P.S. 2 things I’ve learned over the years:

One is that you can’t go wrong with investing in yourself. Best return on investment you can get.

The second is simply… you get what you pay for. Sometimes free is the most expensive option.


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