🎶I would do anything for FUNDS, but I won’t do that 🎶

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

I gotta get something off my chest.

I’ve been coaching students on how to become financially free and accomplish their goals through real estate for a long time. I’ve been investing myself much longer.

And I hear a lot of talk.

People talk all the time, talking about how they’re gonna do this, do that. To get deals. To get capital. To build their team.

And then the opportunity presents itself. It’s right in front of them. But they won’t take it.

Some people are all talk. HARSH? Yeah, but it’s the truth.

For example, I had a prospective student tell me all about how they had a great lead flow to find deals, but they couldn’t put em under contract because they didn’t have the capital.

They wanted me to accept them as a student and show them how. And I was considering it…

Another investor (this was at a REIA meeting yeeears ago), overheard our conversation, and butted in.

“Excuse me, but I know an older businessman who has money he’s trying to invest, and I’d love to connect him with you.”

And he passed along the man’s contact info. What a fortunate stroke of luck, huh!

Anyways, a week or so went by and this prospective student called me on the phone, complaining that they had just lost out on a great potential fix n flip deal, because they still didn’t have any money.

So I asked him!

“Did you call that gentleman who’s phone # you got at the last meetup!?”

And he said..

“N-n-no… Well, I mean...I didn’t want to just cold call a stranger like that.”

C’mon man! Money gets handed to you on a silver platter, and you don’t take it??

Anyways, I tried to help this prospective student best I could (for free!), but it was clear he wasn’t willing to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. That’s one of my principles.

So I decided he wasn’t a good fit as a student.

I won’t work with just anyone. You gotta be coachable, and take action.

When opportunities, especially for money, present themselves, you gotta jump on it!

Speaking of, we’ve got one such opportunity for you right here. It’s on a silver platter too, but that platter has sank to the bottom…

...of the CC REIA Shark Tank!

This is your chance to pitch your deal, whatever it may be, and get the funding, guidance, partners, or whatever support you need.

Or come and watch others try and swim with our sharks. Real local investors. Should be a heckuva show, so bring the popcorn.

All the details at the link below.

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If you’ve got a deal, just REPLY to this email to submit and get a GUARANTEED opportunity at deal funding.

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[email protected]

The Lady Boss of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA

P.S. It’s THIS Wednesday, so you better cancel whatever dinner plans you had. We may never do this again.


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