Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

tuesdays with tammy Sep 13, 2019

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

If you’ve been at any of our events, you may have heard me say this before. I say it all the time. One of my students even called it a “Tammy-ism”. I kinda like that.

So… what exactly does “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” mean?

Well, it means that if you want to succeed, in real estate, business, or life, you must constantly face your fears and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If any “secrets to success” actually exist, this is one of them.

Success IS Uncomfortable.

If it was comfy, everyone would be a millionaire!

The people that succeed aren’t fearless badasses like they make them out to be in movies. They’re regular people who deal with the same head trash as anyone else. 

Fear. Anxiety. Low Self-esteem.

But what separates the successful from the rest is that they deal with these issues. They feel the fear and take action anyway.

It IS uncomfortable to do things you haven’t done before! But if you never do them, how will it ever BECOME comfortable?

At one point in time, I knew nothing about real estate! Now I’ve done hundreds of deals and taught others to do the same. How? Because I constantly kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

This is why we do speed networking, because for a lot of you, meeting new people like that is uncomfortable. But once you do it, it’s really not scary at all, is it? And you walk away more confident and with a bunch of new connections.

Sometimes you need a little nudge, that’s what we’re here for.

Speed networking is a small step towards being uncomfortable, but tomorrow I’m going to tell you about how to take a quantum leap and really put yourself out there.

In the meantime, take another step by RSVPing to our upcoming LIVE Tuesday’s With Tammy Webinar. We’re going to be talking about something that makes everyone uncomfortable, funding and how to get it.

RSVP to the online hangout here:

The Lady Boss Of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA

P.S. If you got any more Tammy-isms you’ve jotted down, shoot me a reply and send em my way. A lot comes out of my mouth that I can’t remember!


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