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Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

“And for that reason, I’m out”

If you’ve watched the TV show Shark Tank, you’ve probably heard this famous line before, sometimes said by several of the “Sharks” on the show, when an entrepreneur has just said something to kill a deal for them.

For example, Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban, one of the sharks on the show, once became exasperated at two entrepreneurs for exaggerating claims for their product, not showing they were fully committed, and being inconsistent with the facts they were presenting.

He filled up with hot air, and let out a big “I’M OUT”.

Great TV, and an even better lesson.

When you’re up pitching something, including a real estate deal, you better play it straight.

  • Be transparent and conservative with your numbers, lest you get called out for rosy projections.
  • Show you are 100% committed to managing the deal, that you have real skin in the game, and you’re a serious businessperson
  • Get your facts straight before you get up there. If you get them wrong, it won’t matter if it was intentional or an accident, it’s a bad look.

If you’re a serious investor who wants to be financially free, getting funding is part of the deal. Whether it’s a bank, hard money lender, or a private investor, these principles always hold true.

To learn lessons like these and a whole lot more, next wednesday at the CC REIA Shark Tank.

What better way than to get up on stage and get some reps in up on stage in front of real local sharks who can fund your deal. Or you can come and watch from the peanut gallery, you’ll still learn a bunch and it’ll probably be a lot less nerve-wracking.

...and for that reason, you should be IN. ;)

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