A Rite Of Passage For Every Investor

tuesdays with tammy Sep 15, 2019

Let me ask you a question relevant to every investor...

Have You Ran Into “The Wall?”

If you don’t know what "The Wall" is, it’s when an investor hits a point where they can no longer do any more deals with their own money or credit. They’re cashed out and the banked are turning off the faucet.

That’s “The Wall”.

Scaling “The Wall” is practically a rite of passage for all serious investors.

You can’t really break straight through “The Wall”. You gotta go over, under, or around.

Once you get past it, it’s a beautiful green landscape in front of you.

Some, of course, never make it past “The Wall”.

But I’m going to make sure you DO.

See, I started investing about two decades ago. (jeez has it really been that long!?) I quickly ran into “The Wall” myself.

I ran out of money. And I couldn’t get any help from the banks either. 

I was stuck!

Luckily, I had a very experienced real estate mentor who helped me out.

He told me there was a simple way past “The Wall”. So simple that I would have never thought of it. 

He told me that to get past “The Wall”, I could just ask other people for help! Then I could stand on their shoulders, and they would help lift me over. Once I was up, I could help pull them up too. By working together, we’d all benefit.

What he was really telling me was to get past “The Wall”, I could raise money to fund my deals. It was a big epiphany for me.

"Wow! You mean I don't have to come up with all of the money myself?!"

I know. It’s so simple, right? But a lot of people never actually do it.

I was very excited.

But also scared!

I knew WHAT to do and WHY, but I had no clue HOW.

Now with decades of experience under my belt, I want to make sure you don't have that same problem.

It’s my turn to be the mentor now, so come stand on my shoulders and take a peek over The Wall. See what’s on the other side. I'll answer all your questions next Tuesday, so hit that hot link below.


The Lady Boss Of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA


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