A little known superpower raising private capital gives you

tuesdays with tammy Sep 16, 2019

OK, got another great tip for you all before our live hangout tonight. I’m gonna show you a superpower you can get when you learn how to raise money from private investors. The superpower is...

Super Speed.

Picture this.

You’re at a networking event, maybe even say, a CC REIA meeting…

And you’re speed networking your butt off (you better be!), and you meet this woman, let’s call her Susan. Susan has got a GREAT potential fix-n-flip deal in hand, but she ain’t got the money!

She says wants to wholesale it and assign it to you. How about that?

You get the numbers, and they pass your criteria. In fact, not only do the numbers pass...

This deal’s a BANGER! Potential six figure payday!

Ohhh boy, you’re salivating now, ain’t ya, rook?

You throw out a fair offer to Susan, a win for the both of you, and she seems agreeable to it.

But here’s the rub, you don’t have the cash either!

So you start stalling the conversation, and trying to think about how you could fund it, and then...

You hear that loud blonde lady who runs the REIA meetings yell out “Okay everybody, SWITCH!”

And then Susan steps over, and this slick devil next you in a red pinstripe suit jumps in on the deal. He tells Susan he overheard your conversation, and he’s got the money lined up already, ALL CASH.

To add insult to injury, he bids significantly lower than you had! Not one to pass up a bird in hand, Susan agrees.

They shake hands, and the deal VANISHES.

Just like that.

Womp womp womp.

So what just happened?

What happened is...YOU just missed out on a six figure check, because you weren’t prepared to pounce when the opportunity was available.

The window of opportunity can shut fast, especially in a market like we’re in now.

Why did pinstripe guy get your deal? Because he had the power of Super Speed.

Having ready cash-on-hand for deals gives you a big edge over the competition!

It all comes down to speed – and by using private lenders, you will be able to close on a house in a matter of days! You can make decisions quickly and effectively, and act on opportunities with confidence.

If that’s a power you’d like to have, hit the link below and I’ll see you online tonight.


The Lady Boss Of Real Estate,
Capital City REIA


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