Capital City REIA Investor Meetup

Where Successful Real Estate Investors Have Fun, Connect And Share…
Where A Community Is Committed To YOU Creating, Building And Sustaining Real Wealth…
Where Financial Freedom And Independence Is Achieved…

A Community That Cares About You

Capital City Real Estate Investors Alliance is an organization devoted to the personal growth and business development of the real estate entrepreneur.

As a CCREIA member, you’ll have all the tools you need to:

  • Start & grow your real estate investment business
  • Find great deals on properties
  • Create strategic relationships
  • Access unlimited funding sources
  • Create a future of financial freedom!

Cooperation, Collaboration, And Hands-On Learning

What sets CCREIA apart is the sense of community and collaboration. In addition to national speakers, we highlight local members who pull back the curtain and bare it all. You’ll see that even the most successful real estate investors are not much different from you.

We believe in learning from each other and celebrating each other’s successes. That’s why our events offer opportunities for you to learn the business by touching, seeing, feeling, and doing.


You’ll belong to a community that supports you and provides you with the education, tools and resources you need for success.


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